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For me #1 is the 1977 Natl Champ. Hard to describe the emotions watching us totally dominate on Natl TV.
Taylor Tundra game. Dont even remember game just the frostbite.
Klingerman’s catch forever etched in my mind.
Beating Towson in ’11 after being mocked by TU and everyone else for even being in that game.
A game at Taylor when Justin Plummer’s Mom was flown in from Missouri to see him play for the first time.

As I sit here remembering,so many others come to mind.
Favorite LU-LC memory goes back to the mid 60’s and a game at LC. Post game goalpost “todo”,melee clser to truth. We got an upright ,succeeded getting it off campus with just a few bloody noses :). Drove back to LU on 22 with 3 of us hanging out the windows clinging to our trophy. State trooper pulled us over. I figured we were all going to jail. Nope,he asked about game,told us we were not being safe and needed an escort. He led us all the way back to campus,lights and siren.Made the front page of the Globe Times.