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I think Kotulski was a bigger loss than Cecchini. Regardless, clearly the magic formula was Cecchini as OC and Kotulski as DC. I have been less than impressed with Folmer. The first drive contained plays that we had not seen all year, which was encouraging. But, we slipped back into old habit. We have absolutely no deep threat to open up the underneath routes. I don’t understand why we don’t run more up tempo, no huddle to try to get Shafnisky some confidence and into a rhythm.

Getting rid of Wilcher certainly has not improved the secondary at all. We must have given up double-digit TD passes over 50 yards this year. Fordham may hit 70.

Quote of the Day: “We are a great football team,” Gaul said. “I felt it today when we were down 14. I felt that energy. That’s what we need to do for four quarters.”