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Doc Qb

I may have to agree w Engineer. Maybe whole staff does need to go. I see flashes of solid play, then WTF occurs. Often. Thats on the coaches. Shaf would be developing better if Cecc was still on board. And I am admittedly biased as he is a friend/teammate of mine. Andy’s record is a reflection of Cecc and the O way more than Coach K. And if you, like me, blame the staff for this team coming up short, not getting into position to give the knock out blow that could have one games against JMU, Monmouth, Yale, u make a change. And take a look at the staff…a majority are in the very young and in the early stages of their first full time gigs. Many spent a bunch of years in D3 programs and not necessarily coordinators, which are the only full time coaches on that level. An upper level FCS program demands better. We demand more. I am not so sure Sterret shouldnt clean house as a new era of PL football is developing. We got beat by Bucknell’s back up QB and TB, guys we probably didnt even recruit. Unacceptable.

We demand more. For how much we talk and toot our collective horns, we should be bold. Right now we are an undersized D, have players languishing on O playing a hald dozen snaps at FB and kick return who could help our D. We are out of position on D often. We have playmakers on O that our coaches arent getting into position to shine. Every program has off years, but Maybe we should consider cleaning house.