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Well doc,I still think an over reaction. Folmar is not Ceech. Coen hired a good staff with him. Yes, O was and still s/b our bread and butter. D has to not lise us games. K was excellent at using his talent and schemes to max what he had. Thought Botts could do this.He hasn’t and as to the assts agree with you they appear to be out of their depth. Blaming players for not getting it right can only serve for a short term. After 6 weeks and camp, there s/ b at the very least better communication and discipline. Dont expect perfect with so many new faces but better. Its not.
O dont really see the desire to ax anyone there. Sawyer is excellent. OL still solid even with all the injuries. Folmar,still not sold but much of my issues on O may be injuries and inexperience. Knott,Yosha and OL injuries hurt. Shaf a gamer. Today he worked hard but not a good game His inexperience does show with some of his efforts to make plays.
How to judge Folmar fairly given this situation. Agree that Ceech would have done mych better with Nick. Folmar came in with rep of being an expert QB coach. That he is not Ceech is not a reason to can him. Very few OCs like Ceech. O inconsistency his fault or what he has on field. The Trey like O scheme? Again him or the personnel available to play.Admit,I find some of the calls perplexing.