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The #1 failure in this season is the defense, pure and simple. We are undersized and outmanned up front. Little pressure on QB and there has been lousy tackling by the LBs and DBs backing up. Smaller rosters due to scholarship transition is hurting depth and practice imo. I am afraid this is one of those wtf years with a combination of significant injuries, too many new coaches, and 4being undermanned on defense. O has been adequate to win3-4 games this year with even a MEDIOCRE defense. I cannot recall a worse defense in 44 years of following LU football..even in the Small era..which was pretty bad at times. Realistically we might win 3 games this year <span style=”text-decoration:underline;”>with this kind of effort</span>: Cornell, Georgetown, Holy Cross. Maybe something happens between now and November 22, but that could be ugly IF the defense does not get its act together.