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I just suffered through the replay.

I’m not sure I have ever seen a more embarrassing half of play than that first one — coaching and play on both sides of the ball. (What did the defense expect to happen when a left-footed kicker rolls to the right? I’d love to know how such a play can get called.)

I say this even thought I was pleased with the run defense and thought tackling was better.

I never thought I would see the day when Bucknell team would destroy LU at home (or in Lewisburg, like last year). I was too young to remember anything about LU football in 1966, other than it was pretty shaky and surely not Air Lehigh.

My thoughts:

1) I hate to gloat, but I told you so. Some of you laughed when I said Bucknell would be, at best, a tough game, even after their tight one with Cornell. And today BU played with backups at QB and RB.

Our D has made every ho-hum QB the past two years look like Aaron Rodgers.

Will Carter is outstanding. I called that last TD of his when BU lined up (single coverage, but an obvious double coverage situation). If I predicted that play, someone paid to call it should have figured it out. Our CBs and safeties … wow. We do not have better than the guys out there, particularly at safety? Or is the coaching just THAT bad? Didn’t we learn from video, last year?

I can only imagine what kind of field day FU’s Nebrich (or his backup) will have.

2) RichH — I respect you and your comments, but Knott and Parris are no Will Carter. They’re average PL WRs, from what I’ve seen. Spadola, Drwal, Kurfis, Soto (some of the other guys with hands who caught fewer passes) — we’re missing them. I like Sodeke in pass routes … and think Derek Gaul is the best receiver, or second best behind Pelletier.

3) Shaf: I love the way he plays and what he brings to the team. But he missed too many open receivers today. Maybe it was just a bad day. Yet I’m almost convinced he does not have the receiving corps or arm strength to win a PL title. Can he improve with experience? I hope so. If not, Timochenko, with a stronger arm based on what I’ve seen, should get some reps.

4) The really good news – a different perspective: I’ve heard of no arrests. Guys are still in school and being prepared for the workforce. Few of them will remain in football.

Adversity is a good education; certainly these guys are getting a few lessons in it. They should be here for college FIRST, to win football games second.

Let’s hope they grow into a great generation of national leaders, using their experiences on the field as an asset — win or lose.

Let’s keep them safe, too.

And there will always be Lafayette.