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My 2cents. The O is fine. They avg over 30pts a game prior to today. I’m not a fan of #5. No vision and slow. I think 81,80 should get in at WR. The D is horrible. There has been absolutely no change on D at all in 6 weeks. Same players, same results. The DB’s and safeties are horrible. Even 26. We say he’s our best, other teams think not. He constantly gets tested by everyone and gives up big play after big play. I think all 3 of those long tds was on him. We might need a whole new d staff. I know the db coach is new, he needs to go. If we don’t have better DBS on the bench, the future is bleak. The guys on the bench CANT be any worse, it’s impossible. The lbs is same story. I know we miss 31. Best player on D. I also have a beef with return teams. Why is 3,81 returning kicks. They don’t even try to score, they run right to sideline or in the pile. We need some game breakers back there that want the ball. I think Coen has to make changes to his staff on d. I know Coen a Off. guy. Notice how he uses a lot of scholly kids on the O. But the D doesn’t. O avg 30pts very good. D gives up over 40pts very bad. See where I’m going with this. Time to give the pups on d some snaps. Upperclassmen had they chance, they failed. The moral of the team is shot. PL title was only thing to play for. To get moral up play the younger kids, they would be excited to play and bring a energy to the d we don’t have.

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