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Think we all should take a breath here. Every team we have lost to has a winning record. All very good squads. Other than UNH ,we have been in every game. We all can see the problems. Hell nailed them in his post game. O,injuries and inexperience the main culprits. It will be fine. Jury has to remain out on Folmar.
D DL an issue,as we’ve all noted,but it is not the main problem on D. I wish it were. 2ndary is lost. Injury to Wilmington,D QB has hurt. All new starters. Communication and keeping position virtually nonexistent evidently. Why?
Inexperience certainly but lack of improvement is mostly on coaches. Andy has to get Botts to fix this. LBs actually have done OK stuck between units with issues.DL did show marked improvement on Sat. As did D but for 3 big plays to one WR. All of these resulted from DBs not doing their assignments correctly.
Recruitig is always a bit of a crap shoot. Schollis dont guarantee superstars. The kids we have brought in are overall much better athletes. As I noted earlier, as of now more misses than hits with sophs. Still too early to actually decide that. Frosh are doing very well.
Much too quick to say we are plummeting into a down cycle. The danger is that if Andy cant solve the immediate issues,we might slide into one. Time will tell.