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I to am new to this site but I mostly agree with what is being said about the Lehigh football team .I have been to all the games and have seen some good but a lot of very bad play .The Lehigh defense cannot get any worse ,so any improvement would be great . Defensive line is to small to stop most teams ,linebackers are somewhat quick but also to small to take on 300lb linemen who just push them out of the way . The defensive backs are just terrible .No need to say more . The offense shows some flashes of being able to move the ball and can score . The main problem I see is there is no innovation or imagination to the play calling .The running backs have some speed namely Yousha ??? and Leigh ?? The receivers are all slow and drop to many balls.The best receiver is a Freshman also the tallest I have read some comments about the QB not being able to throw the ball 30 or40 yards downfield which is really not true .All the games I have seen this year the Lehigh QB never has time to go back in the pocket and set up and throw ,most of the time he either gets sacked or he is running for his life .Add to that half of the time NOBODY is open .You also cannot expect the QB to run the ball 15to 20 times a game .The Bucknell game was a perfect example . They only rushed 4and sometimes 5 defensive lineman and still put pressure on the QB. To have any kind of passing game you need time and space to complete passes .Lehigh receivers are NEVER open as the receivers for BUCKNELL were .The Lehigh QB needs to eat the ball and not throw into tight coverage to prevent INTs .But when you are losing and behind in the score all the time and you know the defense cannot stop anybody you try to do to much and the other teams defense knows you have to pass and they are waiting to intercept .I don’t know much about Cornell but I hope the team plays like a team and brings home a VICTORY !!!