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Posted this over the summer. Was criticized then for being negative, but that’s a whole different issue. I think we’d all take this scenario now…

“Brutal schedule to start the season. JMU, UNH, Yale, will very likely be 0-3. Never know how a team reacts to that, especially a team that has never been in that type of situation before.

I’m going to lower my expectations this year and say 4-7. Lucky to win 8 games last year (Cent Conn, Princeton, UNH, Monmouth; lose any 2 of these and last year was a 6-5 season). Rather be happy with a 6-5 season than expect 7-4 and be disappointed with 6-5.

JMU – loss
UNH – loss
Yale – loss
Monmouth – 50/50
Bucknell – win
Cornell – 50/50
Fordham – loss
Georgetown – win
Holy Cross – 50/50
Colgate – 50/50
Lafayette – loss…”

My point is, if you were looking at this season realistically, this wasn’t difficult to see coming. Nothing other than ‘we’re Lehigh, we’re always good’ would have led you to believe this team would win 7 or 8 games this year. Every program has a bad season once in a while; see Towson, East Illinois & UPenn to name a few. The fact most of the guys making plays are Fr or Soph (Pelletier, Shafnisky, Leigh, Yosha on Off; Ripanti and Leaks the few plays made on D) is encouraging for the future.