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I don’t know where American was picked preseason last year but it wasn’t first and it wasn’t top half even if I remember correctly. I think it was 9th off top of my heads actually. I put zero into these bs sports writers who follow this stuff about one tenth as close as we do, well said pafan. Well said.

I am probably overly optimistic for this season but that is probably what you all love about me the most, rose colored glasses. I just look at the talent we have, the new talent coming in, and do some simple projections and I see us as as top 4 team and right where we need to be in march, competing for a title. I believe we can win a title this year, I really do.

We lost Mackey who was a very big piece to the team, 35 minutes a game and all the stats to go with it, but Mackey wasn’t a leader and this young team needed a leader last year and no one stepped up. Pretty sure that is why we went to this leadership committee thing and not name Mackey a true captain. When I think about how young we were last year combined with how many close games we lost, 7/8 by two possessions or less, I get optimistic. We were in a lot of games boys a lot.

The leap between year one and two is huge for a lot of players and between Kempton, price, and Chuku all making that leap that gives me hope. If Kempton body got as tuned up as advertised he is going to be a monster in year 2. What is he takes the muscala leap??? Is that unrealistic? I don’t think so. Kempton could be a 18/9 guy this year.

Chuku, said he has worked on his post game, he won’t shoot 38 from field again. Ap silky smooth and starts getting to basket more at end of last year and is ready for big year 2. I love ms who we just gotta figure out how to use.

I reads a ton of twitter and internet stuff on KR last year and many Arkansas fans wanted him over the other instate guard they got named Beard. If KR were 6’0 he probably in bcs conference but instead we are beneficiaries. Kr reminds me of Stockton he sees the floor ridiculously well and I think is day 1 guy.

Alston reclassified and was in line for for some bigger offers if he stayed in 15 class. He reminds me of paul pierce, he can get his own and I think will be hard to keep off floor. We got a good deep and sizable front court and a ton of options in backcourt and leadership with CS and sc. Jenkins pedigree and athleticism exciting addition. Didn’t even talk about CS and sc and cb and Goldy. We deep boys.

I am fired up for the season, please join me.