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Miller I do agree with you on the O line playing well even with injuries but they are not the STARTING LINEMEN ,which does make a difference .There is a new center who is not a regular center but was a guard . If you have seen any of the games you will see many of his centers to the QB are high or low or to either side of the QB . This little delay throws the whole timing of the play off especially on running plays .I am not trying to fault any player because it is hard to step into a new position and like I said I still think they are doing a good job .The running game was going very well up until the YALE game when most of the injuries occurred .Since that game every part of the play on the field has suffered .As for next years freshman class I realize LEHIGH has higher STANDARDS in class room work than some of the other schools ,but the coaching staff maybe has to try harder to recruit bigger and faster guys .