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Front court minutes won’t be to difficult to manage at the 4 and 5 spots. You have TK JC JG as your top three and a fired up cb as your fourth guy 80 minutes to split up there. Shouldn’t be to hard to get that right. TK 30-32, JC 25-28, JG 16-18, CB the rest. Cb big because our top three can get in foul trouble and he needs to do what he did last year which was hit the glass hard.

Backcourt minutes is where it will be really interesting because of all the talent. 120 minutes per game and you figure CS is going to get 28-30 as will ap. If kr is what we think he is he is going to get his mins as well. How the ms kr ba tj minutes get allocated will be interesting.

I love ms game and upside and wonder how staff uses him, he is sort of a combo guy who can play 1 but he hasn’t looked so fluid and smooth at 1. He is freak athlete and can jump through the moon and his jumper is solid. Really wish he got more mins last year but hopefully he cracks regular rotation and plays big role.

Would love to play more uptempo and play 10 kids a game cause I know we got the athletes to do it.