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So everybody is in agreement this D is fine correct? The D is dead last in the FCS in dam near every category. I’m not calling for ALL frosh to take over. But you have to ask yourself, can they be any worse than whats out on the field now? Do the guys who have started the first 5 games on D deserve to KEEP they jobs? Some guys play good, but the DBs and safeties are very bad. I stated in other thread, we say #26 is best DB we have, other schools think not, he is ALWAYS the target and gets beat constantly (all 3 long BU tds were on him). And hes a scholly kid. I’m saying if your not doing your job, sit down, next man up. And Miller dont worry about me, win or lose i’ll have a great day. And Toddcudd is right on, this isnt a new trend. remember last yrs D, especially vs BU and Laff? The same kids starting this yr was getting alot of PT and was part of that trend. And for you guys thinking Cornell is going to be a laugher, the joke might be on us. ANY QB with a decent arm will slice us up. See last weeks QB. Ive see OUR 2nd and 3rd string QBs make our 1st team DBs look silly.