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I appreciate the nod, LG, but I don’t agree with the wholesale change for change’s sake. I find it unlikely that the guys who get paid to watch these guys every day, judge their ability, judge their knowledge of the system, and judge their heart are knowingly playing lesser guys based on “seniority”. I hope you’re right that the new schollie era changes things, but I don’t believe that it’s immediate. Frosh are still frosh, and need to grow and learn. I’m willing to be that our best players are on the field. I think in scenarios where all else is equal, they’ll give the vet the nod – thus my surprise with Yosha over Sodeke. But I now believe that they saw something in Yosha – which is not a surprise to me, after the fact. Stiffs don’t get on the field at Miami.
I have a theory though – would like others’ thoughts. I’m betting that it’s easier to get talent on offense at our level. Appears to me that it’s common in FCS football – offense dominating defense. I’m thinking that the best athletes at 2nd-tier high schools play offense – RBs, QBs, etc. Some number of those aren’t good enough to make FBS programs – and we get them. Much harder, I’m betting, to get play-makers on defense. Thoughts?