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Astute todd and very true. Always has been for everyone. S olid D players for FCs are there. Gamechangers even rarer than those we get on O. Scouting HS players it is easy to pick out best athletes. Most play both O and D. The elite players not our concern . The elite players that do end up in lower levels are late bloomers,coming off injury,play at lowest HS levels. We regularly recruit QBs,IIR we have 10 on the roster now. Most playing at WR,DB,TE etc. What we recruit are smart kids first that want an education and to play D1 . The very good tweeners. Andy an O guy,most of his classe except the last slotted more for O than D. Pete did the same most years.
On D now solid players Robb,Campbell,Kondas,Rigaud. Caslow,Newton and and Ripanti are superior players. All could be elite if all were 25 lbs heavier.Gamechanger ,one Leaks. Sure changed last week’s game :). But,he has the ability and fight to be that guy. Has to learn when to take his shots. Potential ones Jones, Stubbs,McCain,Coffman and Cavenas. Common thread all from small schools. Cannot emphasize enuf the gap between HS and even the PL. The gulf is enormous. A few like Pelletier make it quicker. Dont forget he is older,coming in as a PG.