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Why does everyone keep saying I want a whole frosh squad on D. I said the best players. For one in practice #14(JR…CB) looks real fast and has TIGHT coverage. How he doesnt see the field other than SP is beyond me. Also like #22 (frosh..Safety), another SP teams player. Glad Cavenas is getting a little PT. But cant they “sprinkle” these kids in the rotation? Also like McCain at the LB spot. Nice size and fast. Ive been calling for gamechangers with the KR and PR guys. #80 and #25 come to mind back there. I’ll give Leaks the benefit because hes young and learning. But what about the Jr and Srs back there that are vets? As the comment about the coaches being paid to evaluate the talent on D, I dont they will be getting paid next yr by Lehigh. Just baffles me that everyone thinks results will be different on D with the same players. If Cornell puts up 30 points and we lose I wonder how you guys will feel. Will that be the last straw? Agree with comments on O. All the best skilled guys on O are frosh and soph. They got they chance and seized the opportunity. I think the same would happen on D.

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