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IMO, Lawson is a very good civer corner. In that class,he and Phillips were to me the best. Rigaud has grown into the postion. Randy not nearly as fast as Leaks. He would have had problems covering Carter but unlikely he would have gotten toasted as badly.Leaks’ upside is,however much.higher.
Coffman and MCain likely to be all PL ILBs.Hobbie probably best athlete. Does not mean he is best ILB yet.Likewise Jones will be superb CB. That he is on 2 deep already. At S,admit to some confusion. Suggs showing his inexperience getting caught out of position Lambert is fine. As FS ,his issues seem to arise more out of mistakes being made at othdr spots. Barrett and Siegenthaler should both be in the rotation. Cavenas working his way up. Kind of impressed that he is adapting as fast as he is.
To me Johnson has the biggest upside,also perhaps the steepest learning curve. How often do we get a DL that runs a 4.6/40.