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I’m still not sure what to expect this season. The possibilities run the entire spectrum. There is so much talent but it has to be used wisely.
Taking a step back though, I can see this team taking it to an all new level in another year. Frankly, although there are capable players in this year’s senior class, there is nobody that brings the WOW factor to my mind. With the possible exception of JC, the same can be said for the junior class. After that though, the dynamics change. Doc, may be in the midst of putting together 3 highly talented recruiting classes in a row. Last year’s class had the ROY and another all-rookie team member. There are also some high quality guys like JRG and MS that we haven’t really seen yet. This year’s freshman class may have at least 2 players that will see quality time. KR is our first *** recruit that I can remember. BA, IMO, will get quality PT this year already. He could be special.
So far, we have 2 *** recruits in the upcoming class. Add one very serviceable big man and this team can be pretty special.
Just one man’s opinion.