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I’m with TMH. I really like the direction the program is heading, but I am preaching patience (to myself) as far as this season is concerned. This team will still be quite young, which to me means inconsistent. I think there will be games when they absolutely bring it, and probably a few head scratchers where they just aren’t ready to play.

One other thing for me – I don’t know who will score late in the shot clock/late in games. Tim is our best offensive weapon, but it can be hard to get big guys the ball late in the shot clock. With double teams I think those situations often turn into tough turnaround jumpers. I’d love to see someone like AP (maybe BA?) become that guy – but I’m not sure it will be this year.

Also, how good will this team be defensively and on the glass? We know they struggled to rebound the ball last year. Hopefully another year of development helps JG, JC, TK, and maybe guys like JRG and BA can pitch in – but I think that is another area that may not be ready for primetime this year.

My hope for this team is about 16 or 17 wins, and a top half finish in the PL. More importantly a big year of growth to set the groundwork for some really good teams the following two years.