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Doc Qb

Two comments. One, Dline is the toughest position to recruit at our level. Just not enough big guys with feet around 270 plus pound range. That is why “just move over one of the 300 Olineman’ strategy, also mentioned on this board, will fail. Different skill sets. This has been a problem for us for decades.

Second, someone also mentioned we we should beat Cornell handily, as they played “weaker” competition. Nope. Right now we ARE one of those weaker teams. And it was mentioned they played weaker teams to the tune of 0-4. Wrong again. They lost to Colgate (who will beat us), Yale (who did), Bucknell (who just did), and Harvard (who would).

We have are work cut out for us each week, but if we can manage to limit mistakes, play a complete game, we really could look a whole lot better. Just to many WTF moments.