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Too lazy to start a new thread………..just wanted to say
that Corey was named Captain today. Whether he starts at the point or at the “2”, we have a great young man in charge of the team.

While not a vocal cheerleader, ala Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens, Corey instead leads by example and has done so since stepping on the court back in 2011. He’s the perfect choice, in my mind, to lead this band of youngsters who now dot the Mountain Hawk Roster. May they all listen well and observe his every move with great reverence.

Corey is one of the steadiest and headiest performers to ever wear the Brown and White with unmatched smarts on and off the court (3.51 GPA). He has at times been the forgotten man playing behind the likes of CJ, BJ and Macky his entire career. Attitude wise, it never showed. Instead, he produced (checkout the numbers below) night in/night out whether playing the point or the “2” and did so with effortless ease and efficiency. He’s been called by some as having the smoothest shot on the team. Be that as it may, he’s simply – in my view – the “rock” on which this team can be built. And, for those who follow, or have an understand aviation, he’s this team’s “rudder.”

*In aviation terms, the rudder is the small moving section of the vertical stabilizer (the aircraft’s tail) that is used to control the position of the nose of the aircraft. Its job is to provide a stable and safe flight.

One particular fond memory of Corey …………

Calm, cool and collected, , Corey was sent to the line under the bright lights of national television up at Michigan State in his freshman year needing to sink a pair of free throws to keep Lehigh in the game….. Oh yeah, nothing but net.

Recent “just as you might expect” Statement by Corey………

“We have a lot to prove…………….we want to get back to the winning ways like early in our careers. We want to be a blue collar, hard-working team and very hard working. I just want to be a consistent guy to help lead this team to our goals.”

Corey’s Careen Numbers

FG% .429 (.446 last year and tops among the guards)
3FG% .370
FT% .829
A/TO Ratio 2.21