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If players play within the system and not try to win the game by themselves, things should turn out ok. Mistakes by DB’s are magnified because they are there for all to see, and the consequences are usually devastating. DL’s and LB’s mistakes aren’t always as obvious. I still see Leaks as having a lot of natural ability, but he has to play within himself. This season has become ‘one of those seasons’ that began with a lot of major injuries and inexperienced mistakes. I still feel if we win that JMU game, this season may be in a different spot. We have a lot of young guys getting experience right now that should pay dividends in the future. I agree having some bigger/quicker bodies on DL would help, but we have to deal with what we have, now. The transition with # of new defenssive coaches may also be a factor. Chemistry amongst staff and players can take time. 39 wins in four years. Expectations. Some years it’s just not going to happen. There appears to be a lot of talent on this team, although I have some concern that going scholarship is hurting our ablilty for deeper roster, which can impact how you practice, as well as better depth when the injury bug bites. We have to marshal on and deal with the adversity. Goal should be a winning season and beat the bastards down the street.