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What are you talking about. We threw the ball 34 times and RUSHED it 48 times! While I, too, question some of the calls (I think we are over-using Shafnisky as a runner, when we have good running backs), you cannot criticize the run/pass ratio.

Yes, there were a lot of mistakes that against a better team would have killed us. Too many procedural penalties, especially at this time in the year. Dropped passes that would have resulted in more points, another special teams breakdown with the blocked FG, are bothersome that they are still raising their heads.

Finally, why with one minute to go in the half, we get the ball near midfield with all three time outs and we just run out the clock. Where’s the aggressive play calling at time like that. We all knew that we’d likely need more points, and that almost came true. Why the passivity at that time in the game bothers me.

For Fordham, I would hope we come out with all sorts of shit. Gadget plays, mix up schemes on defense. We have to take some risks if we hope to pull an upset. If we could get a turnover or two early and convert to a quick lead, who knows what can happen. It’s why the game is played. A monsoon game may be what we need and make it a ground game. We can’t get caught in a track meet. I haven’t seen a ‘major’ upset in recent years when Lehigh was an underdog. Now would be a great time to set the table for the rest of the year.