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D2/D3 Game? Highly doubtful – certainly not early on in our OOC play this year (5 games in 12 days to kickoff the season) but I, for one, don’t mind seeing game action of any type. I’m sure there are a few guys – guys important to the team – who would agree with me. Namely, our walk-ons and schollies that based on their play aren’t likely to see much action when the game “counts.” Guys like: Georgios Pilitsis, Cole Renniger, Devon Carter, and from yesteryear: Tyron Straggers, and Cory Goodman. They’re at the gym and in the weight room seven days a week, too. And, like the starters carry a full academic load. A reward of meaningful minutes in a D2/D3 contest makes great sense to me.

PS Last year, Georgoius, Cole and Devon saw a total of 47 minutes of playing time. Team Total: 6500. Their share: 0.7%