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When has a 1-5 Lehigh team last in the nation in defense (sorry if I’m off by a little here) ever beaten a nationally ranked team? Was Lehigh considered that bad before the Delaware upset?

Sounds like Hurricane Sandy. Once in a lifetime or two?

We’ll need to do much of this:

On special teams:
— No turnovers when we have ball
— Two good (40-yards or more returns)
— Give up no big returns
— Devine intervention
— Block a kick/punt
— Make all XPs and FGs within 40 yards.

On O:
— Ball control
— No turnovers
— Few penalties
— Near-perfect execution by the players

On D:
— Three+ turnovers
— Best tackling of the year
— Containing Nebrich from scrambling out of pressure
— Fordham penalties
— Commit pass interference instead of getting beaten deep. Getting beaten deep is my biggest fear.
— Near-perfect execution by the players
— Maybe I’m naive, but I’m not concerned that much about the run. Give up 150 yards or less and we could be OK — if we win turnover battle, etc.

The 12th Man:
Hopefully a good crowd that stays engaged the whole game.

But we’re all human ..

Realistic projection I hope will be closer (could be too much inexperience on LU for this kind of game):
52-35, FU