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Pelletier may be talented but dropped far too many balls today. Shafniskey is a warrior. Sodeke ran great. Made some tough runs all day. Parrish made a nice catch for the TD. Listened to the radio broadcast at the game. Lance Haynes absolutely apoplectic regarding the awful tackling and poor angles the defense takes to the ball carrier. He also said the same thing that I have been saying regarding get Nick in a rhythm early – short passes, no huddle.

I also stick to earlier post. Pandy is an absolute waste of a scholarship. Two kickoffs out of bound again today. Very deflating way to start the game or follow a score.

I have a question, Why isn’t Coen more engaged during the game? I never see him interacting with either unit. Just once I’d like to see him talk to, yell at, throw a headset at (figuratively) the defense.

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