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I’m in sync with Hawkineer, Van and RichH, on reads:

Shaf is a great football player — no INTs today when his WR corps and OL could certainly have forced him into a few. He IS a gamer — his running is solid, and he’s fearless.

BUT — and it’s a big BUT; he isn’t a prototypical LU QB. He continues to display an average arm. His reads got better. LU tried the throwback play a few times, connected on one I saw, but the receivers were covered a few other times and Shaf looked elsewhere — but guys were covered. Other times he did not pass to some open safety-valve-type guys when he could have.

Other than Parris, who had a great game, Shaf got little extra help from his WRs.

It’d be nice to get fullbacks and TEs more into this offense as weapons. The O seems awfully vanilla. The offense, overall, is mediocre; certainly not good enough to play with such a porous D.

No clue on Mayes, but Timochenko ought to get a shot, this year. He may have best arm on team.

If Pandy gets a schollie, it is a waste. I know ninth-graders who are more consistent.

Our DL and LBs got destroyed again today. Sure, they can play against weaker competition (Cornell), but they — as a unit — can’t hack it for 60 mins against good FCS offenses. If I were playing CB, I’d be embarrassed with getting beat routinely and having to put my hands in faces of WRs, or getting juked routinely while trying to make tackles.

That said, the D played WAY better in the second half. They started to stuff the runs. Adjustments? Personnel changes?

Good news is that in coming weeks we play against teams we should match up well with; and if all goes right we’ll be in middle of PL.

Which could mean:

— Fordham is No.1 — they had a two-year start on schollies.
— Bucknell has outrecruited us.

If that’s the outcome for the next two years, it makes sense; no big deal, right?

I predicted 52-35; got 48-27, but did not see us getting so badly pummeled on the ground.