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Most telling D stat from today Lambert and Lawson made 20 tackles,almost half of those made by D.
I dont recallany O sets with a FB today. Oagainn seemed 1 dimensional at least insofaras playcalling. Dont know whether this is due to circumstances or it is Folmar. Admit, I liked the idea of switching up with both Yosh and Sodeke in the backfield.
FU WRs outmatched are 2ndary in size,experience and talent. That said there was too many missed or poor tackles .Some of that was the shiftiness of FU RBs. Both are very good.

I look at the kids on our D. Very athletic with more than decent speed. Size at DL and ILB is anissue but it is not the only reason we keep getting decimated on the LOS. We’ve had smaller DLs that were much more effective. We’ve also had LBs in the 210-15 range that were ALL PL. To me the major reason has to be coaching.Yes,all of our losses have been to very good teams and we have a lot of new players on the field. 7 games in ,they are not new anymore. There has been some improvement( hell,we only gave up 587 yds today) but no change in result. D does not make clutch plays. No stops consistently on 3rd down. Today the front 7 seemed more interested in hand fighting with blockers instead of locating and tackling the runner. Their RBs were in the 2ndary while our guys were still milling around with blockers.

Our last games will likely be more competitive . My sole hope is we beat Pards.
I have no idea what Andy should do on the sidelines to remedy our issues.
Do we fire all the D staff? Hell,that’s wreak havoc with recruiting,but maybe the answer. Pf course that presumes the next batch are any better.