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“Do we fire all the D staff? Hell,that’s wreak havoc with recruiting,but maybe the answer. Of course that presumes the next batch are any better.”
I would like to understand why Coen is getting a pass. It is HIS staff. He picked them. If the whole defensive staff should be fired, then Andy did a lousy job hiring them. If we are concerned that the next batch won’t be any better, then the real problem is Andy.

Folmar’s play calling is certainly not typical Lehigh. Zero effort to stretch the field, use the tight ends, or running backs. I am trying to remember a screen pass being thrown. Andy is an ex-OC. Why doesn’t he take more control?

Ultimately this is about winning games and not about the feelings of his coaching staff.

As I stated above, he seems disconnected on the sidelines. Perhaps, if he exhibited some pride and passion during the game, it might rub off on the team. Listening to the post game interview and press conference, he seems completely bewildered from an Xs and Os perspective by the current mess. Didn’t fill me with much confidence regarding the next four games.