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I would agree with most of the comments about the Defense as to they are SMALL ,SLOW and do not tackle very good . Where I disagree is with some of the comments about the offense .It is true Lehigh does not have any speed at RB and no speed or size at receiver .So some of the comments about the QB not being able to generate offense is not really true .When you are running for your life on every play or when he does throw a pass the other teams defense is all over our players .Against BUCKNELL they rushed 4 guys and dropped back 7 ,so WHERE do you throw the ball . It looks like all the teams we play have Lehigh’s playbook and know every play we try to run .There is NO imagination in play calling ,no screen plays ,no reverse’s only the same play at least 10 times a game ,run up the middle .These play may work in high school but against good teams you go nowhere .As for the QB what do you want him to do ??? Run ,pass ,catch ,tackle ,block ,kickoff ,punt .He cannot do all the things a TEAM is supposed do .As for Fordham there QB did not look all that great ,except he had players to help him ,running and catching the ball .It all comes down to having players that can PLAY ,and coach’s who can COACH !!