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Personally, I think you have to take the loss today as a loss against one of the greatest teams the Patriot League has ever produced, on par with the Cross Gordie Lockbaum teams of the 80s. Going into the season, about the only question Fordham had on offense was who would run the football, and somehow Moorhead secured a scholarship for Chase Edmonds, a freshman who would have made any team in the Patriot League a great team overnight. They would have been tough enough without him; with them, I can’t see Bucknell or Colgate beating them. They are just that good.

It’s hard for me to be too mad at Shafnisky after his great running kept Lehigh’s drives alive at several junctures. He did miss some reads way too often – one read he had Derek Gaul wide open in the middle of one of his scrambles, a certain TD had he thrown it – but hard to pin the loss on him when the Rams have an offense that have so many ways to beat you. Shaf and the offense fought all game, no question, to keep it close, while again I was impressed with Sodeke’s determination throughout the game. I don’t see kids taking the day off.

Losses still suck, don’t get me wrong. I’m not happy we lost. But in this one we were out-athleted by a Top 5 team and a win would have required more breaks to go Lehigh’s way, in the form of a kickoff return for touchdown, turnovers, etc. That didn’t happen, but it happened with a lot of fight and pride that I could see.

I could see us winning out the rest of the season.