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Ae got beat by a much better team. One I think that is mych better than the one that played Nova at the start of the season. Nebrich was immobile in that game. Guess I fit somewhere in the middle on our squad. O is a work in progress. For whatever reason,we are not Air Lehigh. The essential key to that is a QB making correct and timely reads. Nick is not there yet. To me,more no huddle O would kick start O. We’ve done it very well but not very often. Short quick passes,up tempo,simple reads. Less chance for Nick to hesitate on reads. We have very good TEs and FBs who are almost non factors in our O. Why? Are screens and flares no longer a part of the O? I have no answers,but we are well into the season,the O staff should and they dont seem to.
D is the as Chuck noted the reason for our season. Why? Size,inexperience,lack of talent? To me these may all be factors but not the answer. D has gotten a little better .
Still see way to much chinese fire drill. Very little cohesion. D staff has to bear the main resonsibility here. The mantra that players out of position,tackle poorly etc… falls more now on the failure of staff to teach the players.