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“Personally, I think you have to take the loss today as a loss against one of the greatest teams the Patriot League has ever produced, on par with the Cross Gordie Lockbaum teams of the 80s.”

Come on Chuck! They may be a very good team, but it is way too early to anoint them as one of the all time greats. Until they prove it against quality opposition in the playoffs, I am not putting them ahead of the ’98, ’01, or ’11 Lehigh teams, let alone the juggernaut of the mid ’80s Holy Cross teams with Lockbaum. I am sure that a few Colgate fans feel that their ’03 team was one of the best.

So far this year, Fordham has played ONE team with a winning record and got their heads handed to them. So while their stats are impressive, their opponents have been anything but. They need to make a run in the playoffs before they should be mentioned with some of the all time great Patriot League teams.