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I watched/followed some of that Villanova game. IMVHO it was one of those WTF games for Fordham that had the perfect storm of things to screw them up: 1) falling behind early to a running team, 2) a lightning delay that completely threw the team out of sorts, and 3) early turnovers that put them in a massive hole. Not to mention that Villanova is No. 1 in the east and a Top 5 team in pretty much everyone’s Top 25. Nova is a great team, too.

Don’t forget too that Edmonds was in his second game as a Division I football player. Edmonds has gotten scarily better from week to week. Does anyone honestly think he’s not that good, and Lehigh’s D made him look like an MVP for no reason? I can believe that in regards to some of the players LU has played, but not him.

I think when all is said and done Fordham is going to be there, my opinion. I don’t see Bucknell beating them, nor Colgate, and I think they can be 10-1 and eyeing a seed when the playoffs roll around.