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The D played better in the second half in part because they finally started stuffing the box instead of playing a mindless 3-4 without the proper personnel to play that system. Also add in that the game was over by the start of the 3rd qtr and the D was bound to look better as Fordham was essentially in cruise control.

Who on the D-staff is worth keeping? The LB coaching is truly awful. I don’t care if the kids are under-sized, slow or young. Not being in position to make plays is 100% coaching. These kids have played LB before they should know when to commit and when to stay home especially with coaching help. I lost count on how many plays there wasn’t a LB to be found on the side of the field where the play occurred.

Why a terrible secondary is left on an island is cause for dismissal.. immediately. The CB’s aren’t capable of covering any receiver in man coverage. The safety’s can’t tackle, don’t recognize when help is needed and play way too far off the line when they’re rolled up against short distance on 3rd down. The corners playing 10yds off the receivers on 3rd and short is a joke. They’re just lucky that Fordham didn’t need to take advantage or they would have the way they played. That is partially talent or lack of and largely coaching.

I don’t see the D line getting any push whatsoever. A stalemate to them seems like a win, which isn’t necessarily wrong in a 3-4, but not on every down and as someone else said the lack of vision where the QB or ball carrier is running is an issue.

Other than Villanova Lehigh put up the most points against Fordham and looked decent at times. The WR’s didn’t help with way too many drops, the play-calling at times was curious given the score, it seemed like they were just trying to get execution for the future games rather than try to compete and move the chains.

I don’t know where to get press conference clips but if anyone is using the excuse of Fordham having more Scholarship players that’s just a cop out for not being prepared. Better talent will win but proper coaching keeps it from being the blowout it was until garbage time when Fordham didn’t press as much.