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Rich You keep bringing up that we are leaving to many points on the field . What the hell are you talking about . We have an offense without any SPEED at any POSITION .No receivers or running backs with any breakaway speed .No imagination in play calling ,the same plays game after game .The other teams defense know what play we are going to run before we run the play .They have our plays scouted and are ready for any play we call .And WHAT are the QB’s LIMITATIONS according to the PRO SCOUT .That he dose not block ,or can’t catch or is he to slow a runner .How about some limitations of the OFFENSIVE ,I don’t hear you bitch when they miss a block and our RB is thrown for a loss ,or how about lets count all the passes our receivers drop or that bounce off there hands and turn into interceptions .It takes a team ,11 players on O and the D to work as one and not try to blame one player .