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Nick great runner,inconsistent accuracy and touch,not strongest arm hesitant on reads. Getting better ,Not there yet.
WRs ample speed new players Kelsey and Pelletier are sub 4.4 guys. Too many drops . O has scored ,the point in case you missd it. is that O has not been able to score more to keep up with all the points D is giving up.
We run very well and OL even with losing both starting Gs from last yr and the starting C and G this yr with other injuries has been very good.
O basically vanilla because Nick not accurate throwing long or consistent on other passes. If you review games we stop ourselves with procedure penalties,dropped passes,etc more often than a D has. Hence the frustration.
True O is not as good as it could be ,but way overboard to condemn it as terrible.Admit,I am perplexed at play call sequences during games. That I have no explanation for. May well be limiting O scheme to what Folmar thinks the players are capable. Doesn’t relieve the frustration of losing.

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