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“upon further review..” :-)

after pouring over the numbers, there is reason for some concern.

1.) MM played a HUGE role. Had a very big %Poss, and a very good offensive rating to go with it. And that’s in spite of the fact that everyone knew he was going to the rim when a game was tight. That will be tough to replace.

2.) Team offensive rating was not good last year. Best I can figure out, so far, bad 2 pt % hurt that the most. Paint play not good enough. We also did not get to the line nearly enough; only Navy and ‘gate were worse. And MM drew a good number of fouls.

3.) Barring some amazing frosh break-out, CS needs to play a MUCH bigger role. His efficiency rating is excellent – best on team – but %Poss was stunningly low. Tons of minutes, but WAY under-involved. My thought is that we need to see him get the ball in a shooting position more often; I don’t see him as a penetrating, drive-and-dish guy.

4.) No news here – gotta get better on the glass. ORs were actually a bit better than recent years, but we gave up a LOT of ORs on D.