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Rich I have been to every game that Lehigh has played this year . I don’t know if you have so I will not question your comments . As for the QB ACCURACY how about lets count all the dropped passes and all the receivers running the WRONG pattern or breaking off a pattern or just not running the pattern out .As for the strength of his arm were you at the BUCKNELL game when your so called SPEED demon Pelletier dropped a touchdown pass that was at least 40 yards downfield .To throw the ball you need time to read and see the field ,which our QB has none off .So complain all you like but it is not one players fault that they play poorly it’s a total team effort .It’s great to be MONDAY morning QB like you . But the facts are this team has no SPEED ,no size on D line and no size on LB’s . They get run over and pushed around by ALL the teams Lehigh has played .And if you think that is not true you better stop smoking that funny weed because it is fogging up your common sense .