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Should reread my post. Yup dropped passes. Skads of them. Also,a lot of overthrows and late passes by Nick. Dont get the lack of speed dig. They are not slow. Parris and Gaul adequate speed. Parris not a go to guy tho,too many drops but also some great catches. Gaul good possession man,he catches. Kelsey and Pelletier are fast. Losing Knott did hurt. Yup,Pelletier dropped a TD. It happens. As I noted we have stopped ourselves more than any D has. We are still scoring enuf to win games but for our D.
Seems you like to rant and throw insults instead of actually reading what I wrote. Free to disagree here try to stay away from jabs at those with whom you disagree.
Not going to bother repeating my posts on our D,except to note that DL has been the achilles heal of D all year.