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Rich I have to agree with holy. Kelsey and Pella ARE NOT sub 4.4 guys, where did you get that info! Kelsey is a legit 4.5 guy. Knott probably is the fastest. As far as RB, Sodeke IS SLOW. I stated earlier in yr that Yosha was injury prone and not reliable or impressive. The “transfer” from Miami angle is funny because he was a WALK-ON with NO offers coming out of HS, I wonder why? Leigh is the FASTEST rb by far with 4.4 speed. He is a north/south runner though with no “wiggle”. All that being said the O is not the problem. If you avg 25-30pts a game , you wouldnt think you’d be 1-6! To say the D line is problem is hilarious. The corners and safeties(minus lawson) are the problems. They get beat CONSTANTLY and its not even close. Lambert is a LB playing safety, has no business playing safety, he cant stay with anyone. Caslow, Rigaud are adequate. Would love to see Mccain get some PT at LB. #58 SHOULD START on the DL, along with Cavenas ( who clogged the middle on first td drive on the goal line, had 3 nice stops in a row). I do see all spots being open next yr, and LU will be better for it. I dont see the GU game as a gimme, if we lose that game the wheels have falling off and heads will roll.

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