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Rich You seem to take other peoples comments as jabs about you ,I do not think I wrote anything derogatory about you personally . I am going to disagree with some of your statements and if you think that is a jab at you ,so be it .No body said the players are not trying ,Sodeke tries his best ,so do the receivers but they are not up to the players of other Lehigh teams . We have no Kurfus or Sherman from other years .How many of our players do you think will make ALL LEAGUE honors this year .Any on Defense ???? Any on Offense ???? You can write all you want about how fast you think our DB’s are but if they cannot cover other teams receivers it does no good .Like I wrote in an earlier comment ,Lehigh has given up scoring plays of over 50+ yards well over 10 times this year ,in fact it maybe closer to 15 .No teams win games giving up that many easy TD’s