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Two thoughts on some of the above.

1) SODEKE VS. LEIGH: I’m a big Leigh fan — saw him in preseason scrimmage when Yosha was out and was SOLD. Fact remains Sodeke is averaging 5.7 yards per carry; Leigh 5.0 (better than I thought when I started typing). I think Leigh does have a little “wiggle.” Bottom line, they’re two good players: Why argue about this — many bigger fish to fry?

2) HOLYLOCH61: Only I have the title of sundayamqb. No Monday Morning QBs here.

That said, I appreciate your comments on it taking 11 players at a time to have a successful play. It’s easy — not necessarily fair, for us to take pot shots (but we do).

Example: The other day I was messing around with my youngster, who wants to be a kicker. I can’t tell you how many FGs he missed due to my bad holds — and we did not have snaps. How many kicks has Pandy missed because of holds, snaps? How often is that practiced? (Why is Shaf holding?)

This is a game of inches — and if 11 guys are not in sync, play after play, they all fail.