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Miller why do you love to reference me? I’ve said the same thing many posters have said, but you somehow always call me out. But in reality, we have both said the same thing about our horrible DBS! Ive stated PLENTY times before who I thought should be getting PT, and guess what, over the last couple games they have been putting these kids in the game. Why did it take these coaches all yr to see what ive BEEN seeing all yr? Now i’m saying we need to get the other CBs and other safeties some gametime exp. Why wait until next yr. when the slate is clean and the games will actually mean something for them to learn? The season is basically shot, 150 and pride is only thing left. Why are people so sensitive about sodeke because i said he is slow? Is it one poster on here that would say he is fast? LOL. And for the record #90 did play Sat and had some very nice plays on the goal line. At 6’5 270 he is the biggest kid on the DL, didnt take a scientist to know he needed to be in the game.

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