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Trying to kill time before the season starts, I thought it might be fun to come up with some predictions on which guys will make jumps in various categories from last season to this season.

– Biggest Increase in PPG
– Biggest Increase in FG%
– Biggest Increase in RPG

For PPG, I’m going with Austin Price. I’d love to see him get over 13.5ppg (although I’m interested to see if Alston takes some of his minutes/potential production). I’m really hoping that Chuku is the guy with a dramatic FG% improvement, although Price could be in that category as well. RPG is a little tougher. I’d like to see all of our guys make a jump in that category but for the sake of conversation I’ll go with Goldsborough mostly because I hope he becomes an absolute monster on the glass and manages to play more minutes.

I left out assists since our main assist man last year is gone, and the guy who I expect to lead us in assists this year is a freshman.