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I’ll go with JC for FG% increase. Feels like we’re getting signals that he’s been placing some emphasis on interior play, which should lead to nice improvement on the %.
For RPG, I’ll go with AP. I’m expecting increased minutes and aggressiveness. Combine those with good size for his position and a low baseline (1.9), and that feels like a good bet, to me. I’d love to see JG or CB make a jump, but I haven’t heard anything that leads me to believe that their minutes will go up significantly.
The hardest for me is the PPG. Three candidates, to me: TK, AP, and CS. Tough to pick between the latter two, without knowing how lineup and rotations will work. But I think we could see +5 ppg from any of those 3. I’ll make myself pick one, and go with TK, getting him to the neighborhood of 18 ppg.