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I have no idea who has developed in the off-season or even who has spent the most time in the gym. My guess is that statistically, individual #s from the wing position will suffer from subtraction by addition. CS as captain will probably still see his share of minutes but the law of diminishing returns as probably set in..meaning that he will still be his same efficient self but I don’t expect to see huge increases. I think that unless has really improved his overall game (good possibility, he will be giving up minutes to BA and JRG. SC will also find time as a designated sniper.
For me, the biggest incremental change has to come from JC. He has the body and the overall skill set to dominate inside. IMHO, he just needs to mentally adjust to that fact. If he does, I can see him significantly improving his PPG, RPG, and his shooting %. If he does not JG may take on more of that role assuming he can stay out of foul trouble in the process.