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Mr. Cobbler I have NEVER said the D was to small. Must have me mistaken. Yes I would START #58 in over #57. #58 is very disruptive and makes plays when in the game. #27(6’1 200) is actually bigger than #29 (5’10 190), faster too. Ive watched numerous practices and #51 is pretty good, not sure why hes not at least on special teams. Youve watched our cbs get burned numerous times, #25 covers good in practice and on one on ones. He played RB in HS so maybe it took some time to learn the cb position. I’d see what hes about in gametime situation, it definately cant hurt, he can get burned just like the rest of them! #29 and #57 would be in the rotation to keep fresh bodies. Its just my opinion.

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