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Things that concern me:

1) As Toddcudd pointed out: ” But 2nd and 3rd downs seemed to be problematic, as LFN pointed out in a tweet.”

Yes, we left way too many points on board.

Learning year for OC? Glad he got more TEs in.

2) As someone pointed out, perhaps on radio, why did it take GT four quarters to go deep on our DBs? Thank goodness for penalties.

1) and 2) have been issues all year. Based on the limited info I have, we may get away with problem 2) against HC and Colgate offenses.

3) I watched much of second half of LC and BU game (marred by a REALLY scary injury to BY DL (hope he’s OK). I was impressed by how Coach Susan personally handled it. He seemed teary-eyed after the ambulance left the field.)

But … I’m worried about LC’s Drew Reed and how he very well may eat us up in 150, by air and ground. LC defense was pretty good, too — especially against run. And Scheurmann can be deadly, too …

No such worries for two weeks …

I’ve gotten over the kicking game; all you can do is wonder. I’m glad, though, that Andy said he concerned about it.

Not to gloat, but I predicted on another string: LU, 28-21. Not too far off …